Bruneians in Beaufort accident critically injured

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THE Beaufort District Police Headquarters in Sabah confirmed that a Bruneian family of six was involved in a two-car collision at Jalan Beaufort, Sipitang Monday afternoon.

When contacted by The Brunei Times, a representative at the headquarters said that three of the passengers – two children aged three and nine and a 37-year-old believed to be the mother – were critically injured.

Meanwhile, the remaining two passengers who were children aged five and 11 sustained minor injuries and had received early treatment at the Beaufort Hospital before being brought to Likas Hospital.

The driver of the vehicle, believed to be the father also sustained minor injuries.

According to the Beaufort police, the accident was caused when the victim’s car overtook a number of cars before colliding with another that was about to enter a junction.

The victim failed to avoid the collision which caused his car to be flipped several times. This led to two back passengers being thrown out of the car.

According to the Beaufort Police, the two passengers that were thrown out are currently in critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Likas Hospital.

The mother is currently being treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The Bruneian family was on their way back to the sultanate when it collided with a Malaysian-registered car driven by a 60-year-old man who also sustained minor injuries.

The Brunei Times