Police remind public to be vigilant during school holidays

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) yesterday reminded the public to be vigilant and to take appropriate security measures during this school holiday period from December 1 - 31.

In a statement, the police advised the public to be more alert and to improve security measures, particularly if they intend to leave their homes for long periods.

Home owners are urged to notify their nearest police stations, penghulus, village heads, nearby family members and neighbours about their dates of departures so that empty houses can be monitored, and burglaries can be prevented.

All fences, doors and windows should always be shut and locked securely.

The police also warned against leaving valuables outside the house in plain sight as this may attract unwanted attention leading to theft.

Lights outside the house should be turned on at night, while money, jewellery and other valuable items should be stored in safe places.

All cars left alone, even for a short period, should always have their engines switched off and doors locked to prevent theft of the vehicles, the RBPF reminded.

Meanwhile, parents and guardians were advised to monitor the movements of their children and discourage them from returning late, and to ensure that their children do not gather in areas which involve criminal activities and social ills. The police also advised parents and guardians to monitor their children’s online activities as certain websites with negative elements can result in undesirable circumstances and social issues.

Members of the public who notice anything suspicious are urged to immediately inform the police or relevant authorities so further action can be taken.

The RBPF can be contacted at its emergency hotline 993 or at the nearest police station.

The Brunei Times