Retired military personnel exhorted to join reserve regiment

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MORE retired military officers and personnel are encouraged to actively join the Royal Brunei Malay Reserve Regiment (RBMRR) so it could reach its full potential in carrying out its objectives in protecting the country.

Senior Instructor at the RBMMR Warrant Officer II Alimi Hj Mohd Alli said told _The Brunei Times _that this is especially when the reserve regiment was also meant to be an emergency back up to the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) should their service be required.

Reaching its full potential, he said, meant that the RBMMR would reach its full quota of 500 people in the reserve regiment as set by the defence policies, but currently they only have a total of 358 registered members.

He explained that retired military personnel are eligible to join the reserve unit if they retired from service with RBAF while they are still aged 55 and below.

However, for them to be further approved, they should also pass health and security screening, and they must also be holders of yellow ICs.

He also said that if they have worked with a national security agency or with the prisons department after their retirement from the military, they would also be accepted.

An exception was only given if they went into the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) after retirement from RBAF, because they would be still considered “on-service” with another national security agency.

“Usually we would call them through a number of road shows, particularly in every RBAF anniversary celebration and we will explain to the retired military members about the benefits of joining the reserve unit, and should they be interested, they could fill in the forms on the spot,” he said.

Under the reserve regiment, he explained that if there are no emergencies, they would be given training, which could go for a maximum of 30 days per year.

The training will be call-based, and they will be sent a letter should training programme is ready to begin with, in order for the retired military members to stay in shape with their military routines. The Warrant Officer II also said that the experience the retired military members have could be further utilised in defending the country should they join the reserve unit after their retirement from the RBAF.

“Besides receiving allowances based on their ranks, it also shows their commitment to defending the country that although they are not in service with the RBAF anymore, defending the nation still remained a passion in their heart,” he said.

“So it is hoped that in the future, the RBMMR can be further developed and be widely known amongst retired military members; and in turn, would open their eyes that although they are no longer in service with the RBAF, they are within the umbrella of the military force,” he added.

The Brunei Times