Flooding persists in Belait inner, rural areas

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AREAS in inner, rural Belait continue to experience flooding according to daily monitoring reports from the Fire and Rescue Department, but the situation is not severe enough warrant the setting up of an Incident Command Post.

Sg Liang’s Fire Station Commander Muhd Ali Hassan, whose men have been doing daily monitoring since November 15, yesterday said that the majority of Mukim Bukit Sawat remained inaccessible by road, even by four-wheel drives, although no damage had been seen or reported to houses in the area.

Kampong Sg Mau, Jalan Kandul Bukit Sawat, Jalan Kecil Laid Lakan and Kampong Merangking Hilir from Mukim Bukit Sawatt – located approximately 30 kilometres from Sg Liang, were the most affected.

In Mukim Sukang, water levels only rose at the Jln Kecil area leading towards Dato Maharaja Setia Dian Primary School and the Police Post.

“The ICP, normally set up during difficult weather conditions, has not been activated because the flooding is mostly contained to the roads, and there have been no damages to houses or property,” said Muhd Ali.

The station commander also informed that a resident from Kg Sg Mau, Zaini Hj Mohd Ramli, has been lent a boat Belait District Disaster Management Centre in order for him to go to work and send his children to school. The father of five, whose own boat was damaged and unsafe for use, was also lent seven life jackets to be used as a precautionary safety measure whenever using the boat.

Inner, rural Belait, which is accessed through a junction at the traffic light near the Sg Liang Police Station, has in the past been prone to flooding during heavy periods of rain.

The Brunei Times