Sisters get scholarships from Sahid Sdn Bhd

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TWO sisters will have the opportunity of fulfil their ambitions of undertaking degrees in medical sciences after local firm Sahid Sdn Bhd awarded them with full scholarships to study in Malaysia.

Nurulalaina and Noralaina Hj Yahya, who graduated together last year with National Diplomas in Biotechnology from the Institute of Brunei Technical Education Wasan Vocational School Campus (IBTE SVW), expressed their delight and surprise to receive the scholarship yesterday after struggling to find financial support to continue their studies.

“We tried applying a number of organisations, but some of them required a minimum of A-Levels or Higher National Diplomas to pursue degrees,” said Nurulalaina.

“Our brother then suggested we write to Sahid to see if they would be able to sponsor us. We were almost out of hope (until) Sahid called for an interview."

Both will begin their three-year courses at the end of the month at the Management and Science University located in Selangor, Malaysia.

Noralaina will undergo a Bachelors in Medical Science while Nurulalaina will undertake a Bachelors in Biomedical Science.

The sisters come from a family of 11, with their father, formerly the family's sole breadwinner, now retired from being a security guard.

Managing Director of Sahid Pg Hj Adanan Pg Seri Indera Pg Hj Ismail said the scholarship comes with no strings attached and is fully inclusive; encompassing tuition, accommodation and allowance.

“These students are not bonded or indebted in any way to the company,” said Pg Hj Adanan.

In explaining the move behind sponsoring the students, the Managing Director said Sahid has been fortunate to have earned several contracts to service the oil and gas industry, and the scholarship was the company’s way of giving back to the community.

“We always kept in mind to support the community, and give back to the country which has blessed us with so many opportunities. Hopefully these youth will also be able to do their part in contributing to the nation's progress,” he added.

Both sisters are interested to ply their trade at Brunei’s hospitals upon returning, with Nurulalaina hoping the course will equip her with the laboratory skills necessary to research how the body works at a cellular level.

“Previously I did an attachment with the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital. This really piqued my interest to understand in depth the knowledge and acquire the skills needed to undertake research in areas like disease prevention,” she said.

Noralaina's course meanwhile will emphasise the fundamental sciences that underpin virtually all fields of medical science, opening up a number of career opportunities in the medical and health profession.

As both prepare to fly for the first time this Saturday, the sisters expressed their excitement to travel and begin their academic journey together.

“The furthest we’ve been before is to Miri, so we are anxious and yet up for the challenge that awaits us. We will do our best to make our family, Sahid and the nation proud,” said Noralaina.

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