New school leadership standards set Brunei apart

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BRUNEI’s new school leadership standards will set the sultanate apart from other countries, said a consultant.

Maggie Farrar, international associate at the United Kingdom’s National College for Teaching and School Leadership (NCTL), said Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) values form the basis for the new Brunei Darussalam Leadership Standards (BDLS).

On Thursday, the Ministry of Education introduced the BDLS which will set national expectations of what Brunei requires of its school principals to promote effective leadership.

Speaking on the sidelines of a conference to march Teachers’ Day, Farrar said the BDLS is something they do not see in any standards around the world.

“I think that gives Brunei the depth and strength that other countries ought to take account of,” she said.

The international associate also commended Brunei for its focus on securing and promoting not only successful, but well-rounded and happy children.

The consultant said when she was here in February to work with school principals in a workshop, she said they emphasised on having happy children.

“We do not have that in our standards in England and I wish we did. So I hope the rest of the world will look at Brunei and say actually, happiness is important in children and therefore they should be reflecting that in the way their schools are run,” she said.

Farrar also pointed out that BDLS is “truly Bruneian” because its standards were written by their own principals, “so the standards firmly belong to them”.

Her colleague, Project Director and International Associate Dr Coleen Jackson said Brunei is moving forward because not only does it have these standards in place, but that the ministry is supporting the teachers and leaders in “continuum.”

“Brunei’s education minister emphasised the support that is needed and I don’t think I have heard a minister say that before,” she added.

The BDLS will also help support leadership development for aspiring and current school principals, as well as the effective recruitment of school principals.

The Brunei Times