Adat Istiadat website soon to update information on ceremonial customs

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ADAT Istiadat’s website is scheduled to upload the full guidelines and information on the proper way to address individuals according to their titles in the near future, according to an officer from the department.

Ak Mohd Noor Hamaddi Pg Ahmad recently told The Brunei Times that the Adat Istiadat’s website is currently in the process of uploading new material, and would soon include information on the use of terasul – the combination of words that are mentioned before the title of a person, which is then followed by the person’s name.

“Uploading the content will allow people to easily refer to individuals in the correct manner and clear up any confusion of questions they have,” said Ak Mohd Noor after delivering a talk to staff from Institute of Brunei Technical Education’s Jefri Bolkiah College of Engineering Campus (IBTE MKJB) on Wednesday.

He said that those currently looking for an accessible, legitimate guideline on the use of

terasul should research the Adat Istiadat Book, which can be found at the History Centre in Brunei-Muara.

Under the publications section of Adat Istiadat’s website, texts on Bahasa Dalam or court language and the list of state awards, honours and decorations are already made available for download.

Ak Mohd Noor said that an online platform would increase awareness of the sultanate’s ceremonial customs to the younger generation.

“Our department is reaching out to the younger generation because it is important for them to continue to be well-informed and aware of our ceremonial customs in order to maintain them,” he said.

IBTE MKJB’s Brunei Studies Section invited Adat Istiadat to brief 25 staff from the campus on the proper practices when addressing others in letters and social situations.

“The talk was mostly for administrative staff, to give them a better understanding so that when they draft letters, they are addressing people in the correct fashion,” said Malay Muslim Monarchy teacher Ramizah Hj Razali.

She pointed out that knowledge on t_erasul _would also be necessary during visits with prominent or titled individuals, or during ceremonial custom events.

The Brunei Times