Bruneian to take part in Mekah Al-Quran contest

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A DELEGATION from the Institut Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (ITQSHHB) left for Mekkah yesterday to attend an Al-Quran reading, memorising and understanding competition.

The 37th Al-Malik Abd Aziz International Competition is expected to take place from November 7 to 11.

Representing Brunei in the 15 _juzuk _Al-Quran category is Hassan Nasrullah Aiman Mohamad Azami, a Year Nine student at ITQSHHB.

In an interview, an ustazat the institute and trainer of the participant, Mohd Ali Sabri Hj Yusof said that a lot of practice had been done about two months prior to the competition.

“He has been chosen by the institute to participate in the competition as he was among the top of all the nominated participants based on his performance,” said the trainer.

He further said that few days before the competition, the educator will take the opportunity to practice and train the student more.

“While we are there, we will have four or five days before the competition starts, it is wise to make use of the ample time to fix his readings and memorisation better,” he said.

On his part, the 15-year-old Hassan Nasrullah Aiman said that he also learned and listened to advice given by his trainer.

“From his experiences, ustaz taught me some tips on how to score better marks for the competition and I hoped I can get it (good marks),” he said.

The delegation is expected to return to the Sultanate on the evening of November 17.

The Brunei Times