M’sia to mail traffic offence notices with new system

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MALAYSIA will mail traffic offence notices to owners of vehicles registered in other countries once the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) is introduced in East Malaysia in the near future, said a superintendent from Polis Diraja Malayisa (PDRM).

This, he said, will help in informing motorists of any existing summons for traffic offences they may have unknowingly committed across the border.

Roadblocks continued to be in place in Miri and Limbang yesterday.

Some owners of Brunei-registered vehicles were frustrated and confused after being ordered to pull over and settle all summons fines, many of which they were unaware.

Superintendent Zulkefly Yahya said that through the new VEP, owners of vehicles not registered in Malaysia will have to register their contact details to be used for the delivery of any notices.

“The reason Brunei-registered vehicles have not been informed of their summons through mail is because PDRM currently does not have the contact details or addresses of Bruneian cars,” said Zulkefly.

VEP, implemented by Malaysia’s Transport Department (JBJ), has already been introduced in West Malaysia at Johor’s control post bordering Singapore.

The permit is being introduced by JBJ in phases at Malaysia’s 12 entry points, with Brunei grouped with Indonesia in the third phase.

The superintendent said the introduction of VEP would also be accompanied by the installation of an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system at all control posts, which can scan all vehicle plate licences and cross-reference them with PDRM’s summons database.

“ANPR is basically a scanner, which will allow the police and authorities stationed at the border to see outstanding summons,” said Zulkefly, who noted that the system would also be able to detect stolen cars, or cars used by criminals.

With VEP supplying addresses and ANPR scanning plates at the border, roadblocks set up for the sole purpose of notifying vehicles of their outstanding offences will become less necessary, he said.

The superintendent also said VEP is different from the existing vehicle pass issued by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department – currently the only vehicle document needed for Bruneian cars to cross the border.

PDRM is encouraging road users from Brunei to register at www.myeg.com.my to see the status of their vehicles.

Payment of summons can be made to PDRM’s traffic departments across Malaysia. Any disputes on summons must be referred to the Police District Headquarters of issue.

The Brunei Times