Armed man in standoff with police

National 1 minute, 8 seconds


A LOCAL man being pursued by police armed himself with a knife and stayed on the roof of his house in Kg Pandan C from Tuesday night until Wednesday morning.

The Royal Brunei Police Force yesterday said that personnel from the Criminal Investigative Department first approached the man's house around 10pm on Tuesday to question him about a recent theft case.

The man, spotting the arrival of the police, rushed to the top of his roof, yelling that he would injure himself with a knife if he was pursued.

The RBPF, with assistance from the Fire and Rescue Department, managed to calm him down and around eight hours later at 6.15am, he agreed to come down with the help of firemen stationed at the scene.

According to bystanders at the scene, the man was placated after the authorities engaged in a conversation with him and provided him with food and drinks.

“I first saw him threatening to kill himself with a big knife. He also demanded to have a cigarette, which he was given. Thankfully, the authorities handled the situation very patiently and no one was hurt,” said a witness to the incident.

The man has been brought to a police station for further investigation. The RBPF thanked the Fire and Rescue Department and the public for helping to resolve the situation peacefully.

The Brunei Times