Tutong MPKs briefed on Excellent Village Award semis

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VILLAGE Consultative Council (MPK) members from four villages in Tutong were briefed yesterday on the six qualities needed to win this year’s semi-final of the Excellent Village Award, or Anugerah Kampung Cemerlang 2015.

Tutong District Officer Wardi Hj Md Ali led the briefings at the Tutong District Office building.

According to a press statement from the Tutong District Office, 30 MPKs across the sultanate have been selected to compete in the semi-final in November.

During the briefing, the MPK members were informed that they need to show proof to the judges that their villages had six main qualities – safety, economy, religion and social integrity, education, management and administration, and cleanliness and harmony.

With regards to economy, MPK members should establish products that have marketing value with proper packaging materials.

“The product should have an identity of its own. It should have its own unique labeling with useful information on the back such as the manufacturer’s address or a logo with the national flag to notify customers that it’s made in Brunei. With this useful information, tourists who visit the village (where the product is sold) can inform their friends or relatives from other countries where to buy the product in the future,” said Wardi.

Ministry of Home Affairs Project Officer Ahmad Fazil Zakaria, who is also the Excellent Village Award secretariat, said the 30 MPKs selected to represent their villages this year are advised to prepare statistics and records of their villages’ achievements in recent years to impress the judges.

The judges comprise the MoHA deputy permanent secretary and district officers.

Ahmad Fazil said that in November, they will visit the village heads’ residences. MPK members and the village heads should provide documents with photos attached and statistical records of the activities held in their villages.

“For example, one of the things the MPK members could share with the judges are achievements of village residents such as a boy from a village who comes from an underprivileged family and later gets to study at a university with excellent academic results. Another example is providing statistics on how many youth from the village achieved excellent results in their GCE O-level exams. It’s a bonus point when the students become successful after attending tuition classes held by MPK members,” he said.

According to a press statement, 12 MPKs will represent the Brunei-Muara district in the semi-finals, four MPKs from the Tutong district, eight from the Belait district and six from the Temburong district.

The statement said that during the 2014 AKC, Kiudang MPK from Tutong was awarded a bronze medal.

Kg Kapok in Mukim Serasa was the first village to ever win silver in the competition.

There has yet to be a gold medal winner since the competition was launched.

Ahmad Fazil told The Brunei Times that the Excellent Village Award is held once every two years.

“This 2015-2016 Excellent Village Award competition will be the fourth edition. It started in 2008. It’s been almost eight years, and we’ve seen a number of improvements. I can say that 90 per cent of the MPKs have a very strong grasp and understanding when it comes to management and administration,” he said.

“This is perhaps due to the role and responsibility of their village heads. They have strong ties with the villagers, as the village head will appoint MPK members to help him run activities in the village,” he said.

The Brunei Times