Mukim Liang eatery temporarily shut down

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AN EATERY in Mukim Liang has been temporarily shut down after failing to meet health and safety standards.

The Enforcement Section of the Belait District Office ordered the closure last month after an operation into the surrounding area found the eatery failing to meet cleanliness standards, with several offences relating to how food was prepared also recorded.

The Belait District Office, in a statement issued yesterday, said that the outlet would remain closed until it is fully cleaned and alterations made to food preparation.

The managing staff of the eatery have also been ordered to attend a talk and take a test by the department of health services to address how health and safety standards can be achieved and maintained.

Last month’s operation took a close look at the cleanliness of cooking utensils as well as kitchen and dining areas, in line with regulations under the New Procedures Business Licence Act, Chapter 127, which came into effect on January 1 this year.

Business owners were also advised by inspecting officers to always communicate with the Department of Health on any clarifications or information needed with regards to cleanliness and safety standards.

The District Office added that they would continue to monitor outlets under their jurisdiction from time to time to deter any violations, and ensure that the public's safety remain a priority.

Members of the public with any complaints can reach out to the enforcement's hotline at 3334335, extension 404.

The Brunei Times