Belait police wrap up major joint ops

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force in Belait beefed up its presence in the district last week after conducting its biggest joint operation with neighbourhood watches to date.

The operation, which involved all major police stations, was held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It involved three simultaneous roadblocks located at strategic points of higher traffic in Kuala Belait, Seria and Sg Liang from 10pm until 3am.

Thirty-four traffic offences were recorded across three days, including 10 for having license plates that weren’t lit, seven for having license plates not meeting the set standards and six for not having road tax. All of the offences were summons.

Other offences included five vehicles with modified exhaust silencers, three with tinted windows and two without a functioning horn. Three drivers were also found without valid driver's licenses.

On all three nights in Kuala Belait, a roadblock was set up along Jalan Maulana near the Pandan 8 junction, while those from Lumut heading towards Kuala Belait were stopped on the Liang Lumut highway.

In Seria, the operation was set up along Jalan Tengah in Panaga on Thursday and Saturday, while on Friday, it was positioned along the 20-kilometre point on Jalan Anduki.

In addition to the roadblocks, foot and car patrols were carried out at all four mukims, but no criminal offences were found. Acting District Commanding Officer of Belait Supt Ariffin Hj Jafaruddin said individuals or vehicles judged as suspicious were stopped and searched.

“The operation was designed to mitigate crime and increase our presence across the district,” he said.

Increased awareness of a police presence would reduce crime, said the superintendent, as areas without it would embolden criminals to commit offences without fearing reprisal.

“The neighbourhood watch plays an important role in this aspect, as they can be the eyes and ears of the police in their respective areas,” he said, adding there was strong participation in the Belait neighbourhood watches from members of the village and mukim consultative councils.

Supt Ariffin said the operation’s other function was to reduce the number of traffic accidents by making sure vehicles and drivers adhere to regulations.

“Across Brunei, there has been an alarming number of accidents, including fatal ones this month, so we the police are playing our role to make sure vehicles on the road are in the proper condition and obeying the rules”.

The Brunei Times