Sg Teraban gets refurbished jetty

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BELAIT boat operators will have a newly upgraded jetty to dock their boats at after Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) returned it to the community.

The Sg Teraban jetty now sports a metal platform for small boats to dock, a ramp leading up to its walkway and steel handrails from the land out until the water.

Deputy Managing Director of BSP Hj Kamaludin Hj Bungsu yesterday said the jetty was upgraded to facilitate the Rasau 3D Seismic Survey Project which was carried out across 244 square kilometres in Belait between October 2014 to April 2015 with the goal of locating more oil and gas.

Geokinetics Incorporated, BSP’s official contractor for the Rasau 3D Seismic Survey Project, upgraded and used the jetty temporarily as a landing stage for small vessels to support the gathering of offshore seismic data.

The Village Head of Kg Sg Teraban, Mohd Mersidi Hj Mohd Shara, who gave BSP permission to use the jetty, told _The Brunei Times _that the installation of the loading platform will open up fishing and tourism opportunities for the community.

“Prior to this, Sg Teraban didn’t have a proper loading platform for fishermen to offload their catch or ramp to carry it up, so they’ve been very much been looking forward to using the new jetty,” he said.

Mohd Mersidi said the jetty, which was closed to the public for the duration of the survey, was previously in a poor state, with some of the wooden planks on the walkway shifting around and no handrails installed for support.

“In the future, the possibility of having a tour around Sg Teraban can be explored, as members of the public and tourists can cross the jetty safely without issue,” he added.

Belait District Officer Hj Haris Othman was present yesterday to officially receive the jetty from BSP’s deputy managing director.

BSP in a statement said the seismic data, when fully processed, will aid the location of oil and gas by allowing for a better delineation of the area below the earth's surface.

The survey includes the town of Kuala Belait and adjacent onshore and offshore areas. At its peak, the project involved a 1,000-man strong workforce.

The jetty, over 20 years old, is located right next to the old Sg Teraban ferry point which previously transported motorists from Kuala Belait before the Rasau Toll Bridge was built.

The Brunei Times