Seria needy families get food aid

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SERIA's Mukim Consultative Council has begun monthly donations of food supplies to four underprivileged families in Kg Lorong 3 who were identified as most in need of assistance.

Penghulu of Seria Hj Jamail Hj Linap and Village Head of Lorong 3 Hj Sadin Hj Ibrahim handed over the first of the monthly donations at the District Office in Seria on Saturday.

“We have reached out to these families with donations before, but this time around, we will be doing so on a monthly basis, for at least six months or until their situation has improved,” said the penghulu.

He also warned against the posting of unverified information on social media, as he claims mukim and village consultative councils have often been forced to bear the brunt of disparaging comments by members of the public who claim the councils are “not doing their job”.

“A lot of people who saw these posts about underprivileged families that go viral online immediately trash us grassroots leaders, claiming we are not doing our jobs.

“But since the original posts have yet to do any background checks, they leave out crucial information; that the mukim or village consultative councils may have already given assistance, are continuously monitoring their (the underprivileged) situation and could even be working with authorities to resolve the problem,” he added.

Secretary of MPK Lorong 3 Hassan Masri, who was tasked to research and identify the four families in need, said social media should instead be used to raise awareness of the needy’s plight, by telling their story accurately.

“There have been positive instances where the public reached out to hand over donations after being made aware people's difficulties online. But these pleas for help need to be researched properly first, otherwise it is just spreading misinformation,” he said.

The Brunei Times