Man jailed 26 months for auto theft related offences

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A MAN involved in car theft related offences was sentenced to 26 months in prison yesterday.

The court document stated that Mohd Ariffin Hj Mohd Hassan, 36, had broken into a Hyundai Accent parked on Jalan Berakas on July 18 and stole the car’s battery and $7 in cash. He later sold the battery for $7.

Three days later, Mohd Ariffin stole a Toyota Corona from a parking lot in Tamoi Ujong. He drove it to the Lambak Kanan Industrial Area, left it on the side of the road and walked to his house in Kg Perpindahan Lambak Kanan.

On August 21, he stole another car, a Toyota Super Kijang, from a parking lot in Kubah Makam Diraja in Kg Tamoi.

Mohd Ariffin was able to enter and start the car’s engine by using a pair of scissors and then drove it home.

After changing the car’s registration plate with his father’s registration number, he took apart two pieces of car batteries, a CD player and a television in the car and sold them.

He managed to earn $134 from selling the stolen goods, which he later used for his personal expenses.

The Brunei Times