Encourage children to work in private sector, parents told

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PARENTS play a crucial role in shaping their children to become more resourceful and less dependent on securing government jobs.

In an interview with The Brunei Times recently, an officer from the Counseling and Career Section of the Department of Schools, Hjh Pasah Hj Ahmad, said that counselling and early familiarisation are important for youth to free themselves from the mindset of only wanting to be employed by the government.

“The younger generation’s passion and interest is shaped and influenced by their surroundings, particularly their parents,” said Hjh Pasah.

She added, “Instead of telling them about the benefits of working with government, parents should motivate them by suggesting other desirable professions.”

She said that besides teachers, parents are the most influential people and are responsible to instill the value of independence in their children.

“It is important for parents to expose their children earlier on to something beneficial for their future such as opening up their own business,” she said.

Hjh Pasah noted that children who have parents working with the government, have a bigger tendency to pursue a job in the government sector.

“This is an indirect exposure and they will slowly develop a mindset that closes them. Parents are the biggest mentors to their children,” she said.

While it is important to develop the human resource needed within the government organisation, it is equally as important that youth understand the importance of contributing to the private sector.

The Counseling and Career Section of the Department of Schools had conducted several talk sessions with students from primary to secondary schools on the benefits of working in the private sector as well as working independently.

“We try to introduce students to the advantages of working with private sector,” she said, adding that the growth of the private sector will help the public sector to flourish as well.

She said that the issue of unemployment amongst young generation usually stems from the over-reliance of trying to secure a government job.

“Giving up is not the solution, youths should be more proactive in searching for a job that suits their talents, knowledge and qualification.

“Parents and families should always support them and should not criticise their status as unemployed,” she said.

Hjh Pasah highlighted that passion and interests are important in job searching.

“Qualification alone may not be enough when looking for jobs. (The jobseeker) needs to show interest to work and be disciplined.”

The Brunei Times