Six Belait eateries get A grades

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SIX eateries in Kuala Belait and Seria were awarded ‘A’ grades for cleanliness yesterday, bringing the total number in the district achieving grade ‘A’ to 18 this year.

The chairman of the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board, Hj Ali Matyassin, said yesterday that 32 out of 37 eateries evaluated under phase two of the cleanliness grading programme this year managed to achieve grades between A to C.

Fourteen of the food outlets achieved grade ‘B’ while 12 scored grade ‘C’. Five were not given any grades after failing to meet the standards set.

Certification lasts for two years.

“Cumulatively (from phase one and two in 2015), there has been an increase in comparison to the grades awarded two years ago,” said Hj Ali at yesterday’s presentation of cleanliness certificates.

He said the primary intention behind grading is to ensure that health and safety standards are met across the preparation, storage and serving of food, which will allow customers to dine safely.

“When these standards are met and high grades are awarded, it builds customer trust and can serve as a tool to attract more local and foreign business to these eateries,” said Hj Ali.

A total of 70 eateries were evaluated by the Kuala Belait and Seria Municipal Board under phase one and two this year, with 25 per cent achieving ‘A’ grades, 35 per cent achieving ‘B’ grades and 28 per cent scoring grade ‘C’.

The branch manager of Excapade, Kuala Belait, whose outlet managed to improve from their previous grade of ‘C’ to an ‘A’ this year, attributed their improvement to taking action on feedback from the board and following closely the standards set by the Department of Health.

“When we were awarded the ‘C’ grade, we paid close attention to what was needed to improve our grade,” said manager John Cubero.

“From our staff’s standpoint, they’re now wearing hair nets, hats, masks and gloves if they’re preparing food,” he added.

He said meat and seafood also needed to be separated when frozen or chilled to prevent contamination, in addition to making sure that refrigeration devices are always capable of maintaining their specified temperature.

Another restaurant that managed an improvement was Rockgarden, which was awarded a grade ‘A’ yesterday, up from their previous grade of ‘B’ which they were given when they first began operations three years ago.

“Some improvements we made to achieve the top grade were to make sure that whatever food has been prepared or cooked in the kitchen is always covered before serving it to the customer. We also made the cleanliness of our toilets a high priority,” said its manager, Akhmad Khafani.

Other restaurants receiving grade ‘A’ certificates from Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Hj Muhammad Sunadi Hj Buntar yesterday were Fratini’s Kuala Belait, Kaizen Sushi in Seria, Nam Wah, and Sunnybee Bakeshop & Café.

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