Malaysian stranded at sea rescued off Brunei waters

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A MALAYSIAN senior citizen feared missing at sea has safely returned to his hometown in Labuan on Friday.

According to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), 65-year-old Mohammad Gapar was found stranded alone in a boat without fuel last Thursday at the Sg Liang beach.

Sulaiman Hj Mail, who lives near Jln Kecil Sg Liang and regularly fishes in the area, told The Brunei Times yesterday that he assisted the authorities by helping tow the Malaysian's boat to the Sg Liang police station on Thursday afternoon.

“His boat was very small, using only a 15-horsepower outboard motor. I was surprised he was able to travel so far off course,” said Sulaiman.

He recounted that the 65-year-old fisherman said his line of sight was blurred due to the haze, and mistakenly believed that he was in Labuan when he initially arrived at Sg Liang.

Alhamdulillah that fishermen in Sg Liang found him and called the police to help. He was out at sea for more than one day and it is a treacherous situation when you are out of fuel and traveling alone in a small boat,” said Sulaiman.

RBPF informed that Mohammad Gapar was also given medical attention in Brunei after a call was made for an ambulance.

According to a news report from Malaysia, the 65-year-old arrived at the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Jetty in Labuan on Friday, where he was greeted by his wife.

It added that he was fishing around the waters of Sumandak Charlie Semarang oil rig with six other fishermen.

The Brunei Times