JPA urges civil servants to be more responsible

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CIVIL servants are advised to be responsible and honest at work, according to a senior government official yesterday as he noted the issue of civil servants attendance and presence in the work place.

“The issue of (workers’) presence in the work place is quite a challenge to manage when it comes to the public service… By this it means that employees come to work but (often) go in and out of the office or come in late,” said the Director-General of Public Service (JPA) Jaini Hj Abdullah.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Family Fun Race event organised by JPA yesterday, he added that one must be committed to their work once they are assigned to it.

“You can understand that some have their own valid genuine reasons for instance sending your kids to school but with proper time management, it would not be an issue… So one must send them (children) early to school so that you can come early to work,” he added.

He continued that public service servants then ought to compensate the time that they missed when coming in late from work.

“But then we have the official working time for government servants which starts at 7.45am until 12.15pm and then continues from 1.30pm until 4.30pm,” said the director-general.

Jaini further said that workers who are absent at work without any valid reason are easier to monitor instead.

“If a worker is absent (with no reasons), then actions will be taken upon them and that is easy as it is already stated in the rules and regulations. But with workers’ presence, it is a challenge,” he stressed. An absent civil servant will be suspended from work if not coming to work for one day without any valid reasons while a civil servant who is present but not punctual, his or her performance could be reflected in their report, told the director-general.

“The heads of units or divisions must monitor their staff from time to time and take note of their attendance,” he said adding that the rate of employees’ absence has reduced. He further said that punch cards is one of the ways and measures taken by some units and divisions to monitor their staff’s attendance to work. “To civil servants, it is our responsibilities, the government as well as to the public and you are fit to work according to the (given) time and that there should not be an issue of being present in the workplace,” he concluded. The department yesterday held a Family Fun Day Race for its staff and personnel along with their family members at the Civil Service Club in Kg Mentiri to commemorate its Silver Jubilee celebration

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