Parents support children becoming girl guides

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THE Girl Guides Association of Brunei Darussalam (PPPBD) has seen an increase in student members nationwide thanks to positive support and encouragement from parents.

According to Noriah Hj Dollah, its commissioner for Brunei-Muara district, there is an average of 100 students joining the association every year.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, she said parents saw the importance and need for their children to join the association at a young age.

“Here (at the association), we taught them skills that they don’t get to learn from their formal education… and so they learn to be independent as well,” she said.

Some of the life-learning activities and basic skills students learn include cooking and handicrafts, while the association helps guide their young members on spiritual values, personal development and commitment to helping others.

“They (parents) want their children to be exposed to these kinds of things, for they see it (activity) as an added value to their kids. Joining the Pandu Puteri Tunas at a young age will help them grow,” said Noriah.

The Pandu Puteri Tunas is especially for primary school students ranging from Year 1 to Year 6 classes.

She added that parents would sometimes participate in events or activities as part of their contribution and support to the organisation.

“It’s never a burden for them (parents) to send their kids to our activities and that some parents are willing to join us too,” said Noriah.

She also noted the increase in memberships from secondary school students which contributes to the rise in PPPBD memberships.

“This is maybe due to the compulsory participation in co-curricular activities among secondary school students, unlike in primary schools,” she said.

She also hoped that more parents will gain a better understanding about the PPPBD and let their children be more exposed to both indoor and outdoor activities organised by the association.

Around 60 Year 3 to 5 students from both private and government primary schools in Brunei-Muara district participated in a one-day event held by the PPPBD at its headquarters in Anggerek Desa yesterday. 

In a press release, the association said the event was held in commemoration with International Peace Day. According to the United Nations’ website, International Peace Day is observed every September 21st around the world.

This year’s theme is “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All” which aims to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace.

The Brunei Times