MoH bans cosmetic product

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THE Ministry of Health is warning the public about a face cream tainted with mercury being sold at retail stores in the sultanate, pointing to the hazardous effects of the toxic substance.

‘Saloma Zara Ultimate Skin Perfection Pearl Day Cream SPF 30’ was discovered to be tainted with mercury, a potent ingredient that is prohibited in cosmetics, following testing by the Drug Quality Control Section of the Department of Pharmaceutical Services.

The product, manufactured by Saloma Zara Spa & Beauty, was found being sold at retail outlets during post-marketing surveillance conducted by the Pharmacy Enforcement Section.

Mercury is banned in cosmetics due to its hazardous effects on human health. It is readily absorbed through the skin upon topical application and tends to accumulate in the body. Exposure to mercury can cause skin rashes, memory loss and muscle weakness.

High levels of exposure to mercury may result in damage to the brain and kidneys. It is also extremely toxic to unborn babies.

MoH issued a statement yesterday advising the public to stop purchasing and using ‘Saloma Zara Ultimate Skin Perfection Pearl Day Cream SPF 30’.

People are also urged to consult a medical practitioner if they feel unwell or experience adverse effects from using the face cream.

MoH stressed that the product is not allowed to be imported or sold in Brunei, as no import approval or acknowledgement letter has been issued.

Anyone involved in the retail sale of tainted cosmetics, including online retail sales through social media, can be fined up to $5,000 and imprisoned for a maximum of two years under the Medicines (Cosmetic Products) Regulations.

MoH also called on the public to contact the Pharmacy Enforcement Section if they come across the product.

For further information, the public can contact the Pharmacy Enforcement Section at 2393298 extension 208, email them at or visit the First Floor, Department of Pharmaceutical Services’ Building, Kg Madaras, Mukim Gadong A.

The Brunei Times