12 years, cane for raping niece

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A 20-YEAR-OLD local man was sentenced yesterday to serve 12 years and 12 strokes of the cane for the charge of raping his niece.

On August 27, Chief Registrar Pg Hjh Rostaina Pg Hj Duraman delivered a guilty verdict following the trial at the High Court on the charge of the defendant, whose name is withheld to protect the victim’s identity, raping his 13-year-old niece last year.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sharon Yeo called a total of 14 witnesses during the trial, which included the victim.

It was the prosecution’s case that a teacher lodged a report to the Women and Children’s Abuse Investigation Unit at Ong Sum Ping on May 26, 2014, stating that one of their students was believed to have been raped by her uncle.

Miss X felt scared to tell her mother about the incident as she was scared of the defendant. Eventually, She told her teachers because she did not want to go through the experience anymore.

Miss X said that the defendant did stuff to her that was not good such as opening her trousers and performing sexual acts.

She went on to say that the defendant did this to her many times and that she could not remember the last time except that it happened in her room on the defendant’s bed in 2014.

According to the psychologist’s assessment on Miss X’s intellectual ability, the victim has the mental age of a seven-year old-as she is moderately impaired and would not really know between right and wrong to the social norms.

In his defence, the defendant denied having sex with Miss X, stating that his niece was making up stories; that someone had asked the victim to accuse him of having sex with her; and that “maybe” the victim had sex with someone else on his bed.

The defendant further stated that throughout the month of May 2014, the defendant was working the night shift at a pool house and usually slept there; and that the police forced him to admit that he had sex with Miss X.

Following the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered the defendant to serve the sentence with effect from the date of his conviction on August 27, 2014.

The Brunei Times