Winners of Tutong Quranic verses competition announced

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WINNERS of the ‘Selected Quranic Verses and Its Understanding’ competition for Tutong Village Consultative Councils and Mosque Takmir were announced yesterday at the Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque in Tutong.

The competition was organised for His Majesty’s 69th birthday celebration. The winners will represent the district to the national level competition, whose date will be announced later. Tutong will host for the national level competition. The competition is divided into six categories: children (male and female), youth (male and female) and adult (male and female). The competition is open to children aged between six to 14-years-old, youth aged between 15 and 25-years-old.

The competition is also open to participants aged 26 years and above. A total of 24 participants competed in the competition for the six categories. For Category A, the top place went to Muhammad Zayfiq Zuhairi Daryadi. He scored 89 per cent. Nur Umisyfiqah Izzatul Izznan Daryadi scored 94 per cent to place top in the B category. First place in Category C was Abd Wafiy Hj Abd Kadiroshman. He scored 93.5 per cent. For Category D, Nor Hamizah Aji scored 90.5 per cent, while Abdul Rashid Hj Hamdan scored 87 per cent to place top in Category E. For Category F, Norhayati Awang Hj Abdullah scored 90.5 per cent to place first. Tutong Assistant District Officer, Hj Adnan Hj Adam presented the prized to the winners. The competition aimed at instilling love for the Al-Quran and reading it as a daily practice, upholding the nation’s desire to become a zikir nation and providing opportunities for the people to be involved in one of the country’s national celebrations, and inculcate unity and solidarity among the people.

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