Sandwich eatery joins Healthy Restaurant Programme

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THE Ministry of Health (MoH) has added another eatery to its Healthy Restaurant Programme, bringing the total number of healthy restaurants to eight since the programme started last year.

The Substation Restaurant and Catering at Citis Square was officially included in the programme yesterday.

In an interview, director-general of MoH Zainal Ariffin Hj Awg Yahya said more restaurants have expressed their interest in joining the health programme.

“There will be more restaurants. It’s only been our second year since the programme was launched, several restaurants joined last year and we are looking forward to welcome more,” he said.

The programme is an initiative to combat the the leading causes of death in the sultanate, including non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular diseases and hypertensive diseases.

Zainal Ariffin added that it is vital for the community and private sector to work hand-in-hand with MoH to curb the rise of chronic diseases by participating in the programme.

“We (MoH) have a vision, which is together towards a healthy nation. The key word in that statement is together.

“Looking after one’s health is not solely the responsibility of the Ministry of Health. We provide the infrastructure, the services, we provide the information, so it’s up to the individual to make the right choice,” he added.

Meanwhile, Siti Munawwarah Awg Tarif, a health education officer at Health Promotion Centre, said for restaurants to join the health programme, several criteria need to be met before they are labelled a healthy restaurant.

“In order to certify these eateries, 25 per cent of their total food menu must be healthy such as high fibre food,” she said.

She went on to say that the increase in number of restaurants interested to join the programme showed the rise in awareness of restaurant owners when it comes to healthier food choices.

Siti Munawwarah said the restaurants under the programme are monitored once a year to check their progress and consistency in providing healthy meals to customers.

Owner of Substation Restaurant and Catering, Elsie Kee KL, said the restaurant aims to educate Bruneians on healthy eating and demonstrate how easy it is to make small changes for a big difference.

She said the restaurant’s bread do not contain any preservatives as they are freshly baked every day.

“Our organic vegetables are always freshly purchased from the local stores every morning. We even cut down food wastage with the meticulous preparation of our sandwiches,” she said.

The Brunei Times