Zakat recipient gets fishing boat as aid to earn a living

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THE Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB) yesterday presented a zakat (tithe) donation in the form of a fishing boat, engine and equipment to an underprivileged individual, Kamal Mohd Yatim @ Kamal Repul.

The zakat assistance, which amounted to $17,664, was part of the council’s tithes for the poor and destitute.

Kamal was also deemed a qualified recipient of the zakat for capital startup as he regularly joins his friends fishing at sea but did not have proper equipment, a statement from MUIB said.

It added that he earns money by fixing wiring and other labour work, but his income is irregular and uncertain.

In an interview, Kamal said he will use the financial assistance to support his family and improve their livelihoods.

The 48-year-old has 12 dependents – his wife and 11 children. He has been receiving zakat assistance worth $1,320 from MUIB for a two-year period from November 2013 until October 2015.

Kamal said his wife is a homemaker, while one of his children is waiting for admission to Micronet International College under the Department of Economic Planning and Development scholarship.

Four of his children are in secondary school, five in primary school and one is still a toddler.

Present to hand over the assistance to Kamal at his residence in Kampung Bebatik Kilanas was Hj Abd Aziz Hj Akop, acting secretary of MUIB.

Hj Abd Aziz said the recipient has been observed on a regular basis and has shown determination to work hard in earning a monthly income.

It is hoped that the zakat assistance would enable Kamal to be independent in supporting his family without the need for monthly financial assistance from the council.

The Brunei Times