‘Knowledge is the key to a successful life’

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Scholars must learn to live better lives by equipping themselves with knowledge to achieve higher degrees, said the Deputy Minister under the Prime Minister’s Office.

“All careers require knowledge. Therefore, they must equip themselves with knowledge to be successful,” said Dato Paduka Hj Abdul Wahab Juned.

He highlighted this in his speech to students during the closing ceremony of the second Scholar’s Civic Course at the Information Department building on August 27.

He also said he believes that parents play a crucial role in ensuring their children acquire knowledge.

“Parents need to be aware of their children’s education and they shouldn’t rely on fate,” he said.

Dato Paduka Hj Abdul Wahab also highlighted that competition between scholars could be beneficial, as it would further motivate them to achieve higher goals and strengthen them for their ‘survival’.

But he cautioned the students that they shouldn’t be comfortable after achieving their goals.

“Although you have achieved your goals, (you) must be humble, as this will lead to a positive socio-culture,” he said.

“If students apply these (principles), this will prevent them from being influenced by social issues such as alcohol, rape and gambling,” he added.

He also highlighted that students must be aware of social issues, as they may be influenced by them.

“Everyone is vulnerable to these issues. Even people with higher education.”

Dato Paduka Hj Abdul Wahab concluded his speech by encouraging the students to take on all employment opportunities within private sector companies.

During the ceremony, he handed over certificates to 40 scholars who participated in the six-day course.

The Brunei Times