Kg Kapok’s agar-agar garners fans

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THE colourful multi-flavoured dried ‘agar-agar’ (jelly) produced by the Kg Kapok Village Consultative Council (MPK) has received positive feedback from its buyers.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Kg Kapok Village Head Hj Marali Hj Ahmad said the new product, launched in June, has sold well during events and ceremonies.

“Even during expos, the product is a hit. This is because people like to give it as ‘goodies’ during events or ceremonies,” said Hj Marali.

“The product has also received good feedback from members of MPK Kg Kapok because of the different flavours on offer.

“Some of the similar products sold in supermarkets are colourful but taste the same. Each of our agar-agar has different flavours,” said the village head.

Hj Marali could not provide figures but said that there is definitely an increase in the demand.

“We wanted to produce the agar-agar because this was what was eaten back in the old days. We want to preserve this tradition,” he said.

“We also want to share this with the younger generation so that the tradition will be passed down to them and then to their children. We want this tradition to continue and not die.”

The village head also stressed the importance of generating good quality products.

“Quality is important when it comes to making any types of products. We need to find experienced individuals to help us (make) the products in order to ensure its (quality).”

“This is why we refer to the older generation as they know the original recipe and probably have been making it most of their lives, especially during festive seasons such as Hari Raya,” he said.

Members of the public who are interested in trying the agar-agar can contact Hj Marali via the number 8788498.

“The dried agar-agar takes a while to make so those interested in bulk orders for big events are recommended to contact us earlier to avoid any disappointment,” said the village head.

The main One Village One Product (OVOP) for Kg Kapok is the five flavoured banana chips, introduced in 2012.

The five flavours are corn, durian, pandan, milo and original.

Other products and services on offer include jungle trekking at the Tempayan Pisang Recreational Park. It features an estimated half to one-hour jungle trek though hill peaks at 694 metres and 722 metres.

The village also provides hadrah and gulintangan services.

The Brunei Times