Contribute to Brunei economy, youth told

National 1 minute, 38 seconds


IMAMS yesterday exhorted youth to contribute to the Brunei economy.

Speaking on the 10th National Youth Day observance during the Friday sermon, imams said this year’s theme focuses on producing youth who are always ready to contribute to the economy.

The theme ‘Visionary Youth Drives the Economy’ is “an embodiment towards producing youth who have a far-reaching outlook on life, goal-driven and forward-looking to further propel and sustain the aspirations of the government and nation”.

The sermon said youth represent a “very influential” group, possessing resilience and physical and mental strength.

It added that participation of youth in the economic sector is not new. “To date, youth have become more confident and risen to the occasion to venture into the world of business, with social media serving as the key platform for promotional purposes.

“All this resonates well with the saying of our forefathers that hard work and perseverance holds the key to success,” the sermon added.

Imams went on to say that such spirit must be fostered among youth for them to remain active and prepared to face challenges.

“This is the quality of generation that is much sought after by the nation,” the sermon added.

However, imams said youth are “most vulnerable” to challenges such as social media abuse, drugs, promiscuity, gangster involvement and fights.

“Therefore, all parties concerned will have to exercise their roles with great discretion and wisdom to guide and help the youth steer clear of the evils lurking in a seductive worldly life,” the sermon said.

Youth were urged to appreciate and make the most of their youthful years and time since this is “truly the best time of their lives to mould their personalities and character with noble traits of conduct”.

“They (youth) need to be nurtured, educated and guided to the right and excellent course till transformed into a generation of knowledge, faith, righteousness and virtuous character based on the Quran and as-Sunnah.”

The Brunei Times