More young women needed in mosque activities

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THE Mosque Muslimah Committee of Masjid Sultan Sharif Ali is seeking for greater participation among young women.

This was said by the committee’s Vice President at Masjid Sultan Sharif Ali, Hjh Halimah Abdullah, during the association’s Al-Quran reading ceremony yesterday.

Hjh Halimah said that young women lack interest in joining the committee’s activities such as religious lectures, Al-Quran reading and sharing sessions.

“Most of our members are veterans and pensioners. There are only one or two women below 40 years old,” said Hjh Halimah.

She added that young women should participate in these activities earlier in order to familiarise themselves with religion.

“Muslimah (Muslim women) aged 30 years and below should take part so that they get the exposure with Islamic knowledge as well as Islamic activities that are being held in their area or village.

“It’s not just an activity that we encourage but also their presence at their mosque,” she added.

The vice president said the committee had made an initiative to invite Muslim women in Sengkurong and its surrounding area to take part in the activities, to which it was met with very poor response.

She also revealed that there were several attempts by the female youths in forming their own comittee but the participation were not as encouraging.

“By having both young and older generations, we could make the committee stronger,” she added.

Hjh Halimah also highlighted the importance of cooperation with government officers under the Mosque department as well as village chiefs in uniting the people in the community.

“Mosque officers in every village can conduct events, campaigns or gatherings with communities to expose the mosque activities,” she added.

The Mosque Muslimah Committee was established in 2000 with the aim to provide religious classes and activities for Muslim women. “It’s also to provide a space for Muslim women to gather and share their issues with the committee,” said Hjh Halimah.

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