Three punished with fines for untaxed cigarettes, beef lungs

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A MAN was fined $4,500 yesterday for possession of untaxed cigarettes.

The 48-year-old defendant, Hamzali Hj Moksin, had admitted to possessing 12 cartons and 12 packets of cigarettes when customs officers found the contraband at his home on July 9.

During the investigation, Hamzali said he bought the cigarettes in Limbang, Sarawak for his personal consumption.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered the defendant to pay the fines within a three-month grace period or serve four months in jail for failure to settle the fines.

In another customs case, a 48 year-old woman was slapped with a $800 fine after she pleaded guilty to possession of 70 kilogrammes of uncustomed beef lungs.

Fatimah Hj Bungsu told the court yesterday that she had intended to use the beef lungs for her business, adding that she bought the beef lungs in Limbang, Sarawak because there was a limited supply here and it was expensive to buy in Brunei.

The court ordered the defendant to pay the fines by November or serve one month in jail.

Meanwhile, a 22-year-old woman was fined $4,000 fine for possession of untaxed goods.

The court document stated that customs officers on August 18 conducted an inspection on a house in Mulaut following a tip-off on an illegal sale of cigarettes.

The customs officer subsequently found 101 packets of various cigarettes brands that were kept at the house.

During the investigation, the defendant Siti Suzelita Sazrikin Hassan admitted that the cigarettes belonged to her and that she had bought it from a man named “Si Katok” between $13 and $40 per carton. Siti Suzelita further said the cigarettes were for her consumption.

During the proceedings, Siti Suzelita maintained that she smokes all of the 15 different brands of cigarettes.

The court ordered the defendant to pay the fines within the grace period or face four months in jail.

All of the seized goods have been ordered to be forfeited to the state.

The Brunei Times