Security ‘often overlooked’in business

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THE role of security is often overlooked due to lack of training and knowledge, said the managing director of Enabling Defence and Security (EDS) Mobility Technology Sdn Bhd.

Speaking at the launch of the first Security Management and Operation course yesterday, Lhai DE Santiago pointed out that security is “somehow neglected” despite being the “most important aspect of investment and development in the community”.

“Security is, at the same time, one of the most hazardous sectors in both the developing and industrialised countries,” she added.

Citing research on the issue, Santiago elaborated that the “increasing rate of criminalities affects the business industry” and places investors as well as the public in danger. In some countries, breach of security occurs every two hours.

She explained that breach of security can include a simple security violation through conservation to disposing documents, among others.

“I hope we will be able to establish proactive security mechanism for delivering effective tools and to reach out to as many security communities as possible and assisting them in improving their security standards and safety conditions,” she said.

The inaugural course, held at the Mahligai Hall in The Airport Mall, aimed to develop a safe and secure community through effective security management skills.

“I am very confident that the outcome of this endeavour will help us support our government and private sectors in conceptualising effective security management policies confronting various security threats that may affect our lives and livelihood,” said Santiago.

Conducted by EDS Mobility Technology, the participants comprise top-level management and security professionals from the government as well as private sector.

The managing director hoped the six-day course will provide useful insight on the importance of security mechanisms in assisting management policies needed to address security threats and challenges.

The course focuses on strengthening various security aspects such as personnel, physical and security management operation through practical application in conceptualising security management policies.

To assess the understanding and coordination of the participants, practical exercises will take place under the theme of ‘Building Effective Security Management Skills for a More Secure Community’.

Participants will explore various topics including company security; security leadership and management; security threats; crime prevention; security risk analysis; security emergency planning; security survey and audit.

Speakers from the Malaysian and Philippine chapters of Asian Professional Security Association (APSA) have also been invited to deliver presentations.

Established in 2006, EDS Mobility Technology is a defence and security, communications and information technology company in Brunei.

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