10% of Labi residents face power woes

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TEN per cent of residents in the remote area of Labi are still without electricity supply as they are required to provide housing plans before their applications for supply can be considered.

Acting Penghulu of Labi Hanapi Mohd Siput told The Brunei Times yesterday said the Town and Country Planning Department that receive applications for electricity now require homeowners to provide housing plans before the Department of Electrical Services can supply electricity.

“Many of the remaining residents who do not have electricity have built their houses decades ago, at which point they did not have a housing plan done,” he said.

Housing plans cost a thousand dollars on average to be drawn up he said, which is the main obstacle for lower income families.

“Right now securing electricity supply for the remaining residents is a matter of affordability, rather than availability for the equipment required to install and connect electricity itself,” he said.

He said Labi no longer gets water supplied from its own treatment plant, but directly from Lumut.

During the previous dry seasons, engines at the plant would become damaged, proving costly to replace. Flooding was also problematic as excess dirt and sand, beyond the plant's filtering capabilities would clog the system.

“This transfer (of water supply) took place around two years ago, and has greatly improved the consistency and volume of water supplied in the Mukim. Residents are satisfied,” he said.

The acting penghulu also said a sawmill company in Kuala Belait will move to Labi as a result of a government project in Sg Duhon. This will offer residents employment opportunities nearer to their homes.

“Many of Labi residents work outside of the Mukim as there are more employment opportunities in the town and city, but these developments will open up a host of possibilities for the community to work closer to home,” he added.

The Brunei Times