‘Tasek Merimbun a place to learn and have fun’

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TASEK Merimbun Heritage Park is an eco-tourism destination that must be promoted and used by locals and tourists, said the park’s manager.

Speaking on the sidelines of the second day of the Museums Race Brunei challenge yesterday which was held at the park, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Muda Omar Ali, who is also curator of natural history at the Museums Department, told The Brunei Times that the park must be promoted to showcase its beauty by holding such fun activities there.

Museums Race Brunei is taking place over three consecutive Sundays. The first of the three challenges kicked off on August 16, while the last challenge will take place on August 30.

The event involves teams of four exploring the history of Brunei by racing between the country’s museums, galleries and national heritage sites in an effort to acquire clues needed to solve riddles and overcome obstacles. It aims to educate participants about local heritage.

In a separate interview with The Brunei Times during the second challenge, Mariani Abu Bakar, public relations officer at the Museums Department, highlighted that the park is a great place for locals and tourists to observe the sultanate’s nature.

“There are many things to see here, from the biggest lake in Brunei to the flora and fauna, a variety of birds and the butterfly farm. Therefore, it has to be promoted and used by the public,” she said.

“People can also visit the area to take part in activities amid Brunei’s nature, such as having a picnic while overlooking the lake,” she added.

Mariani said the park has a monthly average of 200 to 300 visitors comprising students and foreign researchers which she believes is stable. But she’s hoping for more local and international visitors in the future.

“It’s good to see students and researchers using the area, but we hope for more people because there is a lot to do here and they should use it,” she said.

She said the common issue raised by the public was the park’s location, which is deep inside Tutong District.

“People only visit the area during holidays and for research because it’s too far for them,” she said.

Mariani believes that physical and educational activities hosted at the park could help promote the area and attract more frequent visitors.

The Brunei Times