Got a problem with your employer?JobCentre Brunei listens

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EMPLOYEES in the private sector can now lodge workplace complaints online, following the recent launch of the JobCentre Brunei website.

Qairawani Yacob, counselling officer at the Local Employment and Workforce Development Agency (APTK), said six cases have been filed via with most private sector employees complaining about payment of salaries and termination of contracts.

“Some employees don’t even know they can make complaints about their workplace,” she said, stressing the need to promote awareness of workers’ rights in the private sector.

Since the online job portal was launched in June, several employees in the private sector have come forward to express grievances over late or incorrect payment of salaries and termination of contracts without notice.

When a complaint is submitted to JobCentre Brunei, APTK will launch an investigation into the case, Qairawani explained.

“We would first look at the statement and, if we need any clarification, we would talk to the employee about it. The second step would be to call the employer and ask them to meet us at a different time, then we try to resolve the problem,” she said.

Disputes can usually be ironed out with the cooperation of both employee and employer, but she said unresolved cases will be forwarded to the Labour Department for legal action.

Legal action can be taken against employers under the Employment Order, which was introduced in 2009 with the promise of improving workers’ rights in the private sector. The law also covers stipulating new rights for employees including annual leave, fringe and retirement benefits.

However, the counselling officer noted that some employers claim to be unaware of certain rules and regulations in the Employment Order.

“There needs to be more awareness about workers’ rights on both sides. If your workplace and employer are not obeying the Employment Order, then you can file a complaint to APTK regarding that,” she said.

In order to lodge a complaint online, employees are required to register for an e-Darussalam account then create a profile on JobCentre Brunei.

Qairawani said employees in the private sector can also request for anonymity when they file a complaint via email to Previously, all complaints had to be made in person by visiting the offices of APTK or Labour Department.

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