Good illustrations needed to promote books: DBP

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GOOD illustrations are needed in local publications to add meaning to text and promote the books, said a senior official of the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP).

“Illustrations are vital to enhance the prestige of a book, especially in producing a good book cover. Illustrations also help keep readers attention and help promote the book,” said Director of DBP Hjh Aminah Hj Momin in a recent interview.

She explained that the job of an artist or illustrator at DBP is not merely to provide illustrations for books, but also to prepare graphics for any magazines to be published.

At the moment, Hjh Aminah said DBP produces five different magazines.

She gave an example of Majalah Mekar, a monthly magazine for children that requires numerous illustrations.

Majalah Juara Pelajar – published every two months – is designed especially for young students.

Both magazines require lots of illustrations and demand a heavy work load from the artists, said the director.

There are a total of 12 artists currently working at the DBP.

The tasks involved in illustrating take time to complete, more so in the case of illustrated books for children, said Hjh Aminah.

She added that the artists/illustrators who currently serve in DBP are new, adding that some have not been in the job for five years while others were not that skilled when they started as artists.

“But with guidance, instruction and a high level of commitment, they have reached a standard that we can be proud of,” she said.

As part of their efforts to improve their skills and knowledge, DBP has previously sent its illustrators to participate in short-term and long-term courses overseas and locally.

Two artists have returned after completing a diploma course in the United Kingdom, she said.

She added that the DBP has become a popular choice for students for placement, either in the Language Section, Literature Section, Publication or Arts Sections.

The Brunei Times