Bruneians studying in UK attend local workshop

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TWENTY-ONE local students studying in the United Kingdom who are back for the summer holidays took part in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship workshop at the iCentre building on August 18.

According to a statement from the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB), the workshop, which was part of the Brunei Administrative Scheme’s (BAS) Scholars Union (BSUnion), was aimed at introducing the students to BEDB’s initiatives toward assisting in the sultanate’s development and economic growth.

“The workshop is a positive step to expose the students to an alternative career option in entrepreneurship, as it will educate them on the valuable skills needed to be an entrepreneur while providing the guidance and the necessary tools,” the BEDB said in the statement.

During the workshop, the students were briefed on the programmes which the BEDB has created to encourage innovation and entrepreneurialism among local youths.

One of the initiatives introduced was the Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge, which provides an opportunity for local youths to further strengthen their knowledge and skills, as well as the Creative Arts Facility (CRAFT), which assists youth in nurturing their creative and artistic talents in the field of multimedia.

The statement added that the students also took part in a mini-hackathon activity where they were tasked with finding innovative solutions to various and challenging problems. The students then presented their solutions to a panel of judges to receive advice and criticism.

The Brunei Times