Early preparation can increase students’ chances of landing jobs

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THE increasing requirements for further education means that students must start preparing earlier in schools for their future prospects.

Findlay Sdn Bhd Director Sunita Martin told The Brunei Times that early preparations can improve the students’ chances of landing a job that they desire.

“Further education requirements for universities and scholarships are now even tighter, harder and higher. Students must prepare early to achieve the required requirements,” she said during the education fair at Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong yesterday.

The former international student advisor in the United Kingdom added that students must have an idea of what they desire when entering GCE O-Level as it could help them prepare to improve their abilities and grades.

Sunita also suggested students to be more active in schools by partaking in extracurricular activities to strengthen their personal statement.

“Students need to be outgoing and must be involved in other activities and committees to promote their abilities to the universities,” said the director.

Students who are unsure of what they plan to do are also encouraged to contact education agencies to receive assistance.

“It is okay to not know what you want for your future, but you need to find out early before searching for universities by speaking with education agencies,” she said.

Sunita explained that education agencies have a strong relationship with international universities, in which students should speak to them to get advice and get an idea of their future career.

Students and parents can contact Findlay Sdn Bhd at 2428658 or by emailing the education agency at findlaybsb@gmail.com.

During the education fair, a total of 10 universities were present to speak with interested students.

The Brunei Times