Community leaders grateful for progress, development

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YEARS of experience and being involved in the community had given grassroot leaders in Tutong clear insight in the progress of the respective villages under their care.

Thirty-five village heads and eight penghulus stood proudly before His Majesty to give three loud cheers of ‘Daulat Kebawah Duli Tuan Patik’ (Long Live His Majesty) at the monarch’s 69th birthday Ramah Mesra (meet-and-greet) event in Tutong District.

The grassroot leaders' role within society include being the focal point for villagers to communicate with the government, building the community and looking after the welfare and ensuring the safety and harmony of residents.

Village head of Kg Lamunin Major (Rtd) Said Hj Tinggal told _The Brunei Time_s that there had been clear indication of progress in the district under His Majesty’s leadership.

“The efforts that we see are in line with the monarch’s vision to see Brunei at par with other countries. What we see is all heading towards Brunei Vision 2035,” he said.

For Kg Lamunin, the obvious changes that we can see are in its infrastructure, he added.

Basic and essential facilities such as improved roads, electricity supply, infrastructure and communication had greatly improved. Due to this, the standard of living in Kg Lamunin has increased, said Major (Rtd) Said.

His Majesty’s leadership, which also covers dissemination and strengthening of Islam and its teachings, had touched many to embrace the religion.

The village head said many of his residents had embraced Islam as their religion, because many of them see what the religion is about from His Majesty and his leadership. Kg Lamunin has a total population of 2,221. It comprised many ethnicities, the majority of which are Kedayan, Tutong and Dusun.

Village head of Kg Penanjung Hj Jumat Hj Abdul Kadir said the involvement of grassroot leaders in the celebration was a symbol of their commitment and loyalty to the monarch, as they move together to create a progressive nation.

“We have seen much progress done through various government ministries and departments. The 2,500 residents of Kg Penanjung also benefit from these development,” he said.

The Brunei Times