Students reminded to uphold Islamic values

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UK-BOUND students were reminded to have strong Islamic values and maintain a good attitude while studying abroad.

Ustaz Isham Ismail, a religious development officer at the Islamic Da’wah Centre, said that it is important for overseas students to have strong Islamic values as means to avoid regrettable acts.

“Students should reflect on their values and family backgrounds before committing morally wrong acts such as going to nightclubs,” said Ustaz Isham in a lecture held at the Centre.

He was speaking in front of 86 students under scholarships to study in the United Kingdom in 2015.

The lecture was part of the Centre’s annual “Program Ta’ziz ‘Ilmi” designed for students awarded with scholarships to strengthen their Islamic values and teach them how to perform religious duties while studying abroad.

During the lecture, the religious officer also reminded the students to maintain their sincerity in studying for the sake of their family and the nation.

Out of the 86, 61 of the students are under the Ministry of Education Scholarship, 18 are under the Brunei Religious Officer Student Association (BruROSA) scholarship and seven are under the Brunei Gas Carrier (BGC) scholarship.

The Brunei Times