Six months sentence for stealing toy

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A MAN who stole a toy for his son was sentenced to serve six months in jail yesterday for the theft offences.

The defendant Mohammad Rafi Ezamdie Muhammad Daud, 24, pleaded guilty on Thursday last week to the charges of theft and attempted theft at Toys R Us.

Mohammad Rafi was arrested on August 12, when he was found attempting to steal a Hex Bug Toy from the store.

The court document submitted by prosecuting officer Muhammad Aiman Adri Ahmad Zakaria stated that investigation later revealed that the defendant had earlier visited the shop on August 10 and stole a Helicopter X3 Quadcopter by taking out the toy from its packaging, placed it inside his clothes and left the store without paying.

The defendant then gave the stolen toy to his son as a gift.

However, when the defendant returned to the shop on August 12 to steal another toy, the security personnel at Toys R Us stopped the defendant from exiting the store without paying the items. The toys were valued at $159.90.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court has ordered to serve the jail term with effect from when was remanded on August 13.

The Brunei Times