Plans drawn to ensure smooth Haj

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HAJ operator Darussalam Holdings Sendirian Berhad (DHSB) said yesterday that several plans have been put in place to ensure that operations for Brunei’s Haj pilgrims run smoothly this season.

They include briefing intending pilgrims on what they should expect throughout their journey as well as ensuring that accommodations and services provided by DHSB are in top shape.

A total of 354 of this year’s batch of intending pilgrims for the 1436/2015 Haj season, who have registered with DHSB, attended a pre-departure briefing and knowledge sharing session yesterday at Kesenian Hall 1, Level 2, at the Arts Centre on Jalan Kota Batu.

The briefing by DHSB focused on what to expect before departure, during the month-long Haj experience in Madinah and Mekah and before leaving Saudi Arabia.

They are scheduled to leave in two batches. The first flight will be leaving on August 30, while the second flight will depart on August 31. The pilgrims are expected to return to Brunei on September 29 and 30.

DHSB’s Managing Director, Hj Awang Mahmud Hj Awang Mohamed, will lead a delegation in the middle of this month to ensure that operations are all in place before the arrival of the pilgrims.

Since its establishment in 1993, DHSB has been given permission by the Ministry of Religious Affairs through its Haj Management Department to handle and manage Bruneians going for the pilgrimage and umrah.

Dato Seri Setia Hj Yussoff Hj Ismail, the chairman of DHSB’s board of directors, in a speech shared several strategies put in place to ensure the smooth running of Brunei’s Haj operations this year.

Dato Hj Yussoff, who is also Deputy Minister of Education, said they include providing comfortable and safe accommodations as well as a wide array of services such as Internet and Wi-Fi access to pilgrims staying at their hotel.

The pilgrims who registered under the DHSB package will be staying at the Dallah Taibah Hotel in Madinah.

The hotel, part of a mega upgrading project in Madinah, was completed at the end of June, he said.

Another strategy was to address and improve services at Mount Arafat and Mina.

“Accommodation tents at Arafat for the pilgrims will be wider and they will be provided with a mattress and a pillow to ensure comfort as well as privacy. DHSB has also appointed several Haj officers to assist the congregation in terms of their welfare and daily needs,” he added.

For easy performance of worship throughout the Haj season, DHSB also provides religious officials whose roles are to provide guidance, advice and instruction as well as answers to problems related to the pilgrimage.

This year, DHSB will also employ locals in Mekah and in Madinah who can speak Malay as Mutawwif and Muzawwir (knowledgeable people who can guide the pilgrims during Haj) and who will be ready to help with their needs in Madinah and Mekah.

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