Archaeological Park attracts 287 visitors in five days

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THE Kota Batu Archaeological Park has welcomed 287 visitors since its opening on August 11.

Majority of the visitors came on the opening day of the park, with 241 people.

One of the attendants on duty at the park’s Information Centre, Hjh Salina Hj Paka, said the visitors were mostly locals, and some took the opportunity to jog around the park.

She expressed optimism that the number of visitors will continue to increase in the coming months.

Another attendant, Farinawati Hj Asgar, said the Museums Department plans to install signage as well as increase manpower at the park.

Currently, there are three people working at the park’s Information Centre.

“During office hours (working days), our head is available to provide guided tours to visitors so that visitors can have a more in-depth knowledge and information on the objects at the park,” she added.

The $2 million Kota Batu Archaeological Park, consisting of Kota Batu Complex I, the Information Centre and walkways, is the department’s latest exhibition layout to showcase ancient objects found in Mukim Kota Batu.

The new archaeological park aims to encourage the learning of Brunei’s past through the exhibited artefacts.

The park features 700-year-old objects found at Kota Batu Archaeological site in 1950.

The exhibition displays various artefacts used in those times such as traditional stone carvings, pottery, ceramics and ancient coins.

The 120-acre park also includes a 2.9km walkway for sightseeing and is connected to the Brunei Maritime Museum.

The park was built to preserve objects from the ancient city of Kota Batu as a step in tracing back Brunei's cultural heritage. Kota Batu was known to be occupied by over 25,000 people in the past.

The park is open daily from 9am to 5pm.

The Brunei Times