Family of 7 loses home to fire

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A FAMILY of seven lost their home to a fire at Sg Teraban on Friday night.

Amirrudin Ahmad, who lived in the house with his wife and five children, told The Brunei Times yesterday that no injuries were reported during the blaze, which began at a small store hut outside his house at Lot 2248.

“Well past 7pm I heard a loud bang. Rushing down and outside my house to check it, I spotted a fire at our small store hut, which is only a few metres in front of our house,” said Amirrudin.

The 44-year-old attempted to douse the fire with a household water hose, while his wife called the Fire and Rescue Department. Within five minutes, the situation had descended out of control as the fire had quickly spread.

“I took my wife and children out of the house, and salvaged a box of documents. But that was all we could do,” he said yesterday morning outside his residence.

Amirrudin speculated that used aerosol cans and oil kept in the store were the probable cause behind the outbreak. The family are now staying at his in-laws’ house located near Sg Teraban.

“I am disturbed by the whole tragedy. It’s hard to explain the emotions I feel,” said Amirrudin, who was raised, got married, and fathered his five children at the same house.

He added that the house was built in 1963 by his grandparents, with the land title currently belonging to his uncle.

“My heart is heavy to leave this place behind. The land belongs to my uncle, and we will see what we can do to salvage or possibly rebuild it.”

The Brunei Times