Tasche looks abroad as part-timers decline

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TASCHE, a local startup that provides an online platform for part-time jobseekers, is keen to expand its services abroad with fewer Bruneians seeking part-time work.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Chief Financial Officer Andy Lian said the business received numerous applications from locals seeking part-time work after its debut in November 2014.

“Currently, we have over 1,000 signups from job seekers…(but) the number of people (signing up) in a month is irregular. On average, it would be about 150 users signing up with us,” he said.

He added that to date, more than 20 companies have signed up with them to search for potential job seekers.

“Most of these companies are restaurants and eateries. The food and beverage industry actively wants people to work with them,” said Tasche’s Chief Operation Officer Michelle Yang.

She said office jobs are in demand among part-time job seekers, especially during the school holidays.

However, demand for part-time jobs is declining as locals are actively looking for full-time work instead.

“It (demand for part-time staff) is not as much as before, and even if there is (such demand) from companies, they would prefer locals, who on the other hand don’t seem to be very keen on part-time jobs,” she said, adding that they also received signups from foreign jobseekers.

“Some people are quite choosy about the kind of work (they’re looking for) and look highly toward the pay instead of making full use of their (spare) time,” Yang added.

According to Tasche, jobseekers who apply on the company’s website receive a minimum wage of $25 per day for those working one to three months while those working for an event earn $50 per day.

Regarding the company, Lian said that currently, it’s focusing on developing its official website so as to establish themselves.

“We aim to complete it by September this year, and it can go commercial where jobseekers as well as employers can apply through the website,” he said.

Currently, jobseekers and employers may use the existing portal to sign up with the company or contact them directly.

“For the meantime, people can go to our portal at tasche.launchrock.com or view our Facebook page for any updates or enquiries,” he said.

He added that the company plans to offer its services to neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Singapore after the website is launched in three to six months.

“We will see the success after the launch. Brunei is our testing ground, while the market is small,” he added.

Lian said jobs offered abroad will be location-based only, and senior citizens who wish to work part-time may also apply with them.

“Jobseekers can only apply for jobs that are in their area, not those (jobs) outside their country. So a Malaysian can only work in Malaysia,” he added.

The company, co-owned by three young entrepreneurs, is making use of a local designer to work on its website, with the project entirely funded by the owners.

“We chip in our own money to work on this (website) as well as from the money we won from iCentre’s Ignite competition,” he said, adding that they have also applied for government funding.

Tasche finished second runner-up in the information and communication technology open business plan category in December of last year, taking home $5,000.

The Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge, an initiative of the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) and hosted by an information technology business incubation centre called iCentre, aims to encourage Bruneian youth to become entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform for creativity and innovation.

The Brunei Times