Motivate children to study better, parents told

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PARENTS are children’s learning models. Their attitude towards education inspires and encourages children to take keen interest in their studies and work hard in attaining excellent results in their examination.

Stressing this theme, the village head of Kg Kapok, Hj Marali Hj Ahmad yesterday took an initiative to provide tuition classes as one of the services under the educational bureau of the Village Consultative Council (MPK) of Kg Kapok.

“In pursuing good grades in education, children need motivation from their surrounding and parents are the first party to encourage their children to instill the interest in studies,” said Hj Marali.

“Some of the parents in the village expect teachers and tutors to do this duty without taking the initiative on their own to understand their children.

“When we ask some of the students, they say that their parents do not inquire or take interest in their activities or progress in their studies. This attitude can discourage the students to not take their studies seriously and in some cases it can demotivate them

“The issue rose when the Kapok Primary School faced problems about students’ attendance. If parents ignore their children’s attendance, they are indirectly ignoring their children’s education,” he added. “The Parent-Teacher Association (PIBG) in this village as well as its MPK took an initiative to establish the educational bureau few years ago with aim of giving the students an opportunity to conduct revision during weekend or public holiday,” said the village head. Meanwhile, sharing similar statement, Syed Halawi Borhan, Jumanji Tuition School’s operational manager as well as tutor, said that parents need to change their mindset about relying on tutors as the main motivators for students. “Some of the students told the tutors that they never discussed their future plans with their parents,” said Syed Halawi.

He said that parents need to acknowledge their children by checking their progress.

“This is a common problem amongst students. If parents do not check or closely follow their children's educational progress such as read their reports; the students will become negligent towards studies and will start studying when the examinations are near,” he added

He also said that parents should encourage their children to revise their lessons regularly. “Parents are the main motivators and if they do not push their children for revision, then they will face a common problem: the last-minute preparation.”

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