OVOP initiative needs more support from local media

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GRASSROOT leaders need the support of local media to help publicise the products and services of villages and mukims in the country, said a Legislative Council member.

Village Head of Lumut 1 and Belait district representative to the Legislative Council Yang Berhormat Hj Mohd Shafiee Ahmad said many village products and services were only “hovering” above the surface, and are struggling to achieve widespread recognition among most Bruneians.

“When it comes to our One Village One Product programme (OVOP), we are facing challenges of manpower and equipment. We are also facing the challenge of getting true mainstream recognition among Bruneian consumers. (The products are) not being featured in major retail stores in the country,” he said on the sidelines of yesterday’s meeting with officials from the Information Department of the Prime Minister's Office.

He noted a regular series of articles featuring OVOP in Pelita Brunei – a publication under the Information Department – as a helpful mechanism to spur interest in the programme.

He also said that yesterday's meeting, part of Information Department's Jalinan Mesra, offers grassroot leaders – especially those from inner, rural villages in districts outside of Brunei-Muara – the opportunity to exchange views with the government.

“Although we (grassroot leaders) are kept informed by reading the latest news, it is always good to meet with officials in person... to discuss what the latest issues affecting residents are. The officials can inform us of the latest government policies,” said YB Hj Mohd Shafiee.

“For those in the remote parts of Belait, this is especially important as they are much further from the main officers of the government ministries and departments.”

The Information Department’s delegation, led by Acting Director Mawardi Hj Mohd and his deputy, Hjh Noorashidah Hj Aliomar, visited three village heads and a penghulu yesterday in the Liang and Lumut area.

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