Never stop learning, new civil servants told

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NEW civil servants are advised to instil continuous learning values within them so as to improve productivity and personal development.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the On-boarding Programme conducted by the Civil Service Institute (IPA), the Director General of the Civil Service Jaini Hj Abdullah said that officers must not stop learning once they are in the profession.

“You are encouraged to share and gain knowledge from experienced officers and to still learn. Although the training programme has ended it does not mean the end of the learning process,” he said.

Some 24 new government officers completed their 10-weeks training and received their participation certificates presented by the director general held at Park View Hotel.

The programmed aimed to support and equip participants with knowledge, skills, values and ethics in performing their work as a government officer.

Some of the objectives include providing fundamental understanding on governance, government laws, the national properties and customs and to give understanding on the roles and responsibilities as a government office and to provide exposure on the practices and working excellence culture.

The director general further said that the programme aimed to polish junior officers to be responsible, honest, caring and skilled as well as possessing leadership qualities.

“Do not make your career as a civil servant as a stepping stone and take work for granted but to perform your duties with integrity so as to be a good role model,” he stressed.

Formerly known as the Administrative Officer Programme, the On-boarding Programme is a mandatory training programme for every administrative officer within the government.

Hj Muhd Zuwaini Hj Aliyani, one of the participants of the programme, said that the ‘creative and innovation’ module, which was taught during the programme, was useful and interesting for him.

“It taught us to think creatively and find new ideas or solutions to solve problems. It made us think outside and within the box,” said the educator from Ma’had Islam Brunei.

Meanwhile, another participant Nurbazilah Tarip said that she enjoyed the team-building module which was held at Ulu Ulu Temburong National Park Resort in Temburong.

“The three-nights stay in Temburong was a great experience for me as we had the chance to be out there in the jungle after living in the city for so long and away from technology,” she said.

The programme took place from April 20 until June 20.

The Brunei Times