DCA issues warning on use of unmanned aircrafts

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THE Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) under the Ministry of Communications yesterday reminded the public that the launching of unmanned aircrafts, popularly known as drones, is prohibited under Section 21 of the Civil Aviation Order 2006.

In a statement issued yesterday, the DCA said that anyone caught violating any provision of the Civil Aviation Order 2006 is liable to a fine not exceeding $50,000 and a jail term of five years, or both.

The Brunei Times reported in March, this year, that the operation of drones is an offence as it posed security risks to air navigation, controlled airspace and densely populated areas.

They explained that such activities may have catastrophic consequences in relation to aircraft operations, resulting in injuries to persons and damage to properties.

It also stated that even though the DCA does not recognise the innovative use of drones or unmanned aircrafts, the department was in the process of undergoing consultations with stakeholders in developing and reviewing regulatory framework on their use.

The DCA would like to seek public cooperation to adhere to the Civil Aviation Order for the safety of the public and air navigation. – Waqiuddin Rajak

The Brunei Times