JPA concludes succession planning workshop

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THE Public Service Department (JPA) concluded its three-day succession planning workshop for 20 senior officers from various ministries yesterday.

The course, held at the Civil Service Club in Kampong Mentiri, was specifically conducted for Human Resource officers appointed to ensure key positions are filled in their respective departments.

The course also hopes to identify or continue the supply of qualified, motivated people who are prepared to take over when current senior staff and other key employees leave the organisation.

The succession planning workshop – facilitated by eight speakers from JPA – focused on organisational challenges and various ways in spotting emerging groups of potential employees within organisations.

One of the presenters, Nur Hawani Hj Sulaiman from the Research and Planning Division of JPA, said vacancies within government departments should be promptly filled with the right personnel, at the right time and with people that have the required skills to avoid any disruptions in their respective core objectives.

“This workshop teaches our participants on how to spot suitable candidates, at the right time, holding the right position, at the right place. We (not only) look at the performance of the people who are suitable to hold the next senior position but we also look at their potential,” said the research and planning officer.

“We need to find the competencies for the organisation itself... for example the core competencies that we look for in one department may differ from another department,” she added.

The workshop concluded with a certificate presentation to its participants.

Present to hand over the certificates was the director-general of JPA, Jaini Hj Abdullah.

The Brunei Times